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Framing Paris: Rent a Flat with a Fabulous View


The most in-demand Parisian properties are the ones with amazing views. It’s no surprise, really: Who wouldn’t want this cityscape as a live-in tableau? Luckily, there are some incredible furnished flats with views available for short-term rent. So on your next swing through the city, skip the claustrophobic hotel and rent a light-filled apartment instead. You’ll not only be able to throw impromptu soirées, cook up market finds in your own kitchen, gain space and save precious cash, you’ll have a frame on the city that most Parisians dream of.

For the inside scoop on the most picturesque Parisian pads on the market, please welcome guest blogger Erica Berman, owner of the divine apartment rental agency, Haven in Paris and the HiP Paris Blog.



Text by Erica Berman, photos courtesy Haven in Paris

When I first moved to Paris seventeen years ago I lived in a tiny, lightless studio in the heart of St Germain. My second flat had bars on the windows and overlooked a small cement courtyard. It was even darker, but what did I care, I was in Paris??

It wasn’t until my French friend Evelyn swung by to check out my new digs that I literally saw the light. Upon entering my cozy cave, she blurted “C’est tellement sombre ici, il te faut de la lumière!” According to Evelyn, light and views should be a top priority when choosing an apartment in Paris. Since the city is so overcast you need to brighten the corners whenever and however you can in order to stay sane.


I took her advice, and found myself a lovely 4th floor flat in the hilly area of Montmartre with East/West exposure, views of the Moulin Rouge and surrounding rooftops. I fell so in love with my perch that I bought an apartment in the same area ten years later. Though the flat was a 5-floor walk-up, the sunrise, sunsets, balcony, common garden, singing birds, and unobstructed views of Paris made the choice an easy one, and the move a joy.


While Paris apartments are all too often dark and viewless, if you’re patient and persistent you can find an apartment with amazing views, light, and colors. My personal quest for light inspired me to start Haven in Paris so that others, even tourists passing through, could share this privileged perspective on the city.


When I select apartments to rent to travelers, I start by thinking of what I love and value in a living space. In addition to having a great location and interior space, they need to offer something exceptional—a view, a balcony, a garden—that you won’t find in your typical Parisian hotel room.


Personally, I find the best light and views to be in Montmartre, a hip and funky hilltop neighborhood with panoramic views of the city that, not so surprisingly, I’ve decided to call home.


Haven In Paris’ Top Ten Rooms with Views

1. Designer Penthouse w/Terrace
Five bedroom, 300m2 left bank penthouse with a panoramic view of the city.

2. Abbesses – Montmartre
One bedroom with panoramic view of entire city on one side, and balcony with view of Sacre Coeur on the other.

3. Bac Penthouse w/Terrace – St. Germain
Two-bedroom penthouse in St. Germain with a small terrace and views of the Eiffel Tower and other monuments.

4. Livingstone Penthouse – Montmartre
Studio in Montmartre with amazing Paris rooftop and Sacre Coeur views.

5.  Houdon – Montmartre
One bedroom in Montmartre with amazing sunset and rooftops views with Les Invalides in the distance.

6. Carnot – Champs Elysees
Three-bedroom apartment with balcony and views of the Arc de Triumph and Eiffel Tower.

7. Ecoles – St. Germain
Two-bedroom in St Germain with balcony and views of Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Cluny Museum, and Paris rooftops.

8. Boulangers – St. Germain
One bedroom apartment in St. Germain with view of Notre Dame.

9. Place des Vosges – Marais
One bedroom apartment overlooking the Place des Vosges.

10. Elzevir – Marais
One bedroom with amazing garden views of the back of the Institute Suedois.


Prices: €550-€5500/week, depending on season and size.

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  1. Suzy says:

    OMG, just OMG. Thank you.

  2. The HiP Paris Blog » Blog Archive » Paris With a View: Erica Berman Featured on “Paris By Appointment Only” says:

    […] To read the full article, head to Paris by Appointment Only. […]

  3. brett says:

    I spent most of January and February in Paris last year and was lucky enough to stay in a 6th fl studio in the heart of the 7th arr. Renting is definitely the way to go! I definitely felt like a local and living in a small studio again made me re-evaluate my current living situation in Denver, CO. I am in full down-sizing mode and dream of when I can return to Paris and studio living! Thank you for the great post.

  4. House Hunting in Paris says:

    Right now I’m learning the hard way that finding such bright apartments with view in easier said than done!

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