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Beyond Burlesque: Dita Von Teese at the Gentry de Paris Revue


When the glittery curtains lifted on the legendary stage of the Casino de Paris for the opening of the Gentry de Paris Revue, a page was turned in the beaudacious book of burlesque. Breaking out of the cozy cabarets and clubs where its best known, burlesque has shimmied and sashayed its way to the fore of a fascinating retro remix and awoken an entire entertainment genre out of its slumber.


Proof of its elegant ascent from obscure fringe movement to mesmerizing main attraction is the Gentry de Paris Revue. Running in Paris for eleven days (buy tickets here) at the theater Josephine Baker made famous, the show is a music-hall extravaganza whose ravishing roots recall the opulence and grandeur of Ziegfeld Follies and the budget-breaking productions of MGM Hollywood musicals. A titillating tribute to the forces of fantasy and escapism, the show (the first revue at the Casino de Paris since the 1960s) is a series of eighteen dance and singing vignettes intertwined with burlesque.


“We spiced up the format and gave it a modern edge by making it faced-paced, and by adding burlesque strip teasers,” explains Gentry Lane (above, and yes, that’s her real name) the artistic director of the show and guest star. “Stylistically it’s incredibly modern too. It’s not like a period piece but more like a super fashion show.”

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Flash Mob Michael Jackson Tribute in Paris

Check out the awesome flash mob tribute to Michael Jackson that took place this weekend in three separate spots around Paris (Beaubourg, Montorgeuil and Trocadero).

The event was based on an original idea by the Swedish streetdance collective, BouncE. Inspired by BouncE’s recent Stockholm Michael Jackson tributes, Lior Roth, a 26-yr-old Parisian created BAB (La Bande à Bordel) a dance troupe devoted to public organzied mayhem. BAB is composed of 6 friends from various walks of life (2 businessmen, a video director, designer, consultant and student).

This MJ happening was the first in a long series the group plans on performing spontaneously around Paris.

The next appointment will be announced (in super short advance) by e-mail.
To join the group’s mailing drop a line to:

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