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Nov 2017

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Custom Services

Is your schedule too hectic to plan your own appointments? French too rusty to communicate comfortably? Or perhaps your project needs the expert insight of a Paris-based insider?

In the spirit of BAO, I offer the following services on demand for individuals and companies.

  • Coordination: Contact specialists in advance of arrival to arrange appointments.
  • Communication: Translate/interpret during appointments to facilitate communication.
  • Research: Source specialists and purveyors to meet specific demands (e.g., handmade lingerie shops, old-world haberdasheries, vintage furniture dealers, vegan-friendly private chefs)
  • Design: Create unique, made-to-measure itineraries (e.g., inspirational shopping walks for international shopping buyers, trips to artist ateliers for visiting collectors, chocolate tasting tours)
  • Support: Act as liaison after departure to oversee special commands.

Prices to be determined upon request. Please send queries through the following form:

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