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Private Tour of NYC’s Fourth Ward


Since all of Paris closes shop in August, I’ll be posting “by appointment” discoveries made during my summertime travels back home in the USA this month.  Hope you enjoy this special summer edition with content from New York, Los Angeles and Maine.


My dad is a newly retired New York City public school teacher.  Since he stopped working a few years back he’s been going a bit stir crazy, and understandably so. Imagine loosing your public after 40 years speaking to a crowd?

So, while emailing with him a couple of months ago about my forthcoming summer visit to NYC I had a revelation. “Hey dad,” I wrote, “have your ever thought of giving private walking tours of Lower Manhattan? You love a rapt audience and know the subject better than anyone. Imagine bringing your maps to life!”


Ten years ago, around the same time that I moved to France, my father started developing new media tools for the classroom. A research fanatic like me, he’d incorporate esoteric audio files, interactive maps, videos and whatever else interesting he dug up to create original multi-media presentations. He became the school’s resident new media man, and earned a reputation as a self-made savant (a Google representative even wrote to him to praise him for the innovative use of their mapping software).


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