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Parlez-vous Yelp? Yelp Arrives in France!


You have no idea what an amazing and crazy adventure I’ve been on for the last few months. Of course you don’t, because I had to keep it a secret from you all. That means several months of torturous silence because for those who know me well, keeping secrets is not my particular forte in life.

Today I can finally lift the veil on the incredible project I was recruited to be part of by a fan of this here blog (yes, it’s true!)

So ladies and gents, I’m pleased to introduce you to my new baby —— Yelp France!

Picture 5

Yelp is a website that connects people to great local businesses. Its purpose in life is to give people a platform to share their favorite (and not so favorite) addresses with those in their community. That means straight talking, no-nonsense, authentic reviews of everything from dentists and designer shops to bakeries, nursery schools, public parks and cocktail bars.


For years, this incredibly tool has been limited to cities in English-speaking languages only. But today marks a huge turning point in Yelp’s fabulous little life, because it’s the day that Yelp arrives in Paris!! This is a big deal, not only because it’s the first time that Yelp has entered a non-English city, but because it will be a fabulous tool not only for Parisians, but for visitors looking to have an insider experience in the City of Light.

Picture 6

For someone devoted to sharing my special Parisian experiences and little-known treasures with you all, you can’t imagine what an honor and treat it is to be part of such a cool and groundbreaking project as this.

I will continue to update my blog with by appointment discoveries as often as possible, but you can find me every day on Yelp Paris as the site’s Community Manager. Can’t wait to see you there!**


**Don’t forget to follow YelpParis on twitter too!

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