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Dec 2015

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Parlez-vous Yelp? Yelp Arrives in France!


You have no idea what an amazing and crazy adventure I’ve been on for the last few months. Of course you don’t, because I had to keep it a secret from you all. That means several months of torturous silence because for those who know me well, keeping secrets is not my particular forte in life.

Today I can finally lift the veil on the incredible project I was recruited to be part of by a fan of this here blog (yes, it’s true!)

So ladies and gents, I’m pleased to introduce you to my new baby —— Yelp France!

Picture 5

Yelp is a website that connects people to great local businesses. Its purpose in life is to give people a platform to share their favorite (and not so favorite) addresses with those in their community. That means straight talking, no-nonsense, authentic reviews of everything from dentists and designer shops to bakeries, nursery schools, public parks and cocktail bars.


For years, this incredibly tool has been limited to cities in English-speaking languages only. But today marks a huge turning point in Yelp’s fabulous little life, because it’s the day that Yelp arrives in Paris!! This is a big deal, not only because it’s the first time that Yelp has entered a non-English city, but because it will be a fabulous tool not only for Parisians, but for visitors looking to have an insider experience in the City of Light.

Picture 6

For someone devoted to sharing my special Parisian experiences and little-known treasures with you all, you can’t imagine what an honor and treat it is to be part of such a cool and groundbreaking project as this.

I will continue to update my blog with by appointment discoveries as often as possible, but you can find me every day on Yelp Paris as the site’s Community Manager. Can’t wait to see you there!**


**Don’t forget to follow YelpParis on twitter too!


13 Responses to “Parlez-vous Yelp? Yelp Arrives in France!”

  1. Fati says:

    This is truly a good news not to mention a hip hip hourra for you :-)
    See you there then !

  2. Annie L says:

    Zeva, my love I’m truly thrilled for you! As your colleague & friend in Dublin, it is wonderful to spread the European love.

    Paris is very lucky to have this amazing lady at the helm!

    Bonne chance my dear :)

  3. adrian says:

    Thought it might have been that. Especially when I saw the quality of the intell… ;)

  4. martha frankel says:

    now i HAVE to come to paris. sounds so great. congrats to our favorite girl.

  5. Elayne Lieberman says:

    Fantastique! Please add me to your reqular postings and notifications Sil Vous Plez! Yay! Yelp goes Francophile!

  6. Zeva Bellel says:

    Hey Elayne, why don’t you follow me at @yelpparis on twitter or join the site for news and updates? Thanks for your enthusiastic support!

  7. David says:

    Awesome! Yelps is useful to find out about restaurants although I don’t trust the reviews.

  8. Polly-Vous Francais says:

    Bravo for Yelp point eff-aire!! Now I can quit whining that Paris needs Yelp. Hooray.

  9. Nicole says:

    I’m curious though- on french internet forums, you aren’t allowed to say bad things about anyone (like a doctor) or any place, without the very real risk that the comment will be erased. I understood that the defamation laws were too tight to permit negative reviews. How will Yelp manage that? Or did I just get it wrong?

  10. KEITH says:

    In Los Angeles the Yelp website is the most essential place on the web to find every great restaurant, bar, hotel, etc. All of my friends depend on the honest comments that reviewers leave. We love the lists that users create. I am certain that users in Paris will quickly find this site to be helpful. I am hopeful that yelp Paris will quickly adopt an English language version for all users who do not speak French. hint. hint.

  11. Stephanie says:

    How exciting!! I helped Yelp build a following in Atlanta, and I’m so happy to see that it has expanded overseas! It will surely be a success!

  12. Lizelly says:

    Yay!!!! I love Yelp in San Diego, always very helpful. Now I’ll have a great resource for my future visits to Paris.

  13. Celine says:

    So glad to hear this! I’ve been missing Yelp since moving here a few months ago.

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